Real Estate Inspection

Homeowners who have a home that needs a major roofing replacement or remodeling should look into having a professional real estate inspection done on their property. This is one of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of your investment in your home while avoiding costly repairs. You want to be sure that your home will continue to be worth what you paid for it, and real estate inspections are a great way to help you achieve that goal.

There are some very basic things that you should know about real estate inspections, especially when you are doing yours. The most helpful and best real estate inspections find the actual condition of the house including all of its major systems. By major systems, that means the roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and the structural roofing itself. The inspection should also contain the general condition of the site including finding out if the grounds are properly draining the standing water. The most common problems inspectors find at homes include lead paint, mold, rotted-out wood, and other ailments in the walls. These inspectors also inspect for asbestos and toxins in the soil. Some inspectors are paid to look at the exterior of homes as well as the inside. Exterior inspectors are usually hired by home buyers who are looking for potential health hazards or defects in the home.

However, sometimes the presence of lead paint or other problems inside the house may point to another issue outside the home, and an inspector trained in these types of conditions will be able to better inform the homeowner. A roofing inspector will look closely at a home’s roofing system in addition to the visible portions of the building. It will check for leaks and signs of damage that could lead to an impending roof collapse. It will also examine the attic, a ceiling, the visible mortar joints, and any other parts of the roof that hold the roof in place. Some inspections will even go so far as to check out the flashings of the roof itself. This is important because a failing flashing can cause damage to the rest of the roof.

In order to inspect for problems with roofs, a trained professional needs to be there to observe. This is usually done by someone who specializes in roofing, although it is not uncommon for someone to specialize in other areas as well. One way an inspector can check for damage is by removing all personal items from inside the home and replacing them with a camera. By removing everything from the room, the inspector can better gain a better feel for what is going on and if there are any weak spots on the roof. He can also use a flashlight in order to inspect for cracks in the tiles, flashing, holes, and other weak spots.

After an inspection has been conducted, the inspector will offer a report to the homeowner or buyer, telling them what repairs need to be made and whether or not the costs of the repairs would be covered by the mortgage. This is the only part of the process where an offer is accepted. After this, the homeowner or buyer has several options. They can accept the repairs or get back to work on their own, they can ask for a cashier’s check for the repairs, or they can choose to go with a different company. No matter what they do, the professional inspection will have saved them money and headaches in the future.

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